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Sounds bad-why does it sound like foreclosure? Foreclosure is when the lender takes possession of your home because you haven’t kept up your payments. Forbearance is when the lender temporarily suspends your mortgage payments.

Why would they do that? Because it would be more expensive for them if you default on your loan so this forbearance period allows you to get back on your feet without losing your home. It’s not without drawbacks, as nice as it sounds-you will have to pay it back and those arrangements will be between you and your lender. Government backed loans will not have to be paid back in a lump sum. I have links below to see what kind of loan you have.

The good news is that if your forbearance is during the coronavirus it will not harm your credit as it usually would and millions of people are already taking advantage of it during this unprecedented era. For a detailed look at forbearance visit The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Website – Guide To Coronavirus Relief Options:

To see if your loan is government backed     Fannie Mae      Freddie Mac

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