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One thing that often shocks home buyers when they walk into a house is how different it actually looks than it did from the online photos! There are so many tools to enhance photos that some can not only shine light into a dark room but enlarge it as well. The flip side is bad photos that don’t even spark interest to see a property. Now that we shop for everything online, photos are key for home shoppers to know if they want to invest the time to see a house. Beware that a hidden gem might be out there with bad pictures or that house you love the looks of may have a sagging ceiling. Try to look beyond paint (miracle in a can). A can of paint can transform a room or entry-and wallpaper is now making it’s way back especially in small areas, backdrops, or one wall in a room. The best way to house hunt is to line up several homes at once and simply visit homes that have the items you’re looking for and you may just find a home you didn’t think you would like.

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We were new to the area. Deborah sent us listings on a daily basis. When we found one we liked she was there for us 100%. She helped us navigate the process and we ended up with a wonderful home and a great buying experience.

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